We are spin doctors… We are see-through… Therefore, here is our truth:

Harf is an organic public relations agency that partners with individuals, businesses, and organisations to evolve, promote, and defend their brands and reputations. We are NOT your typical ‘professional‘ agency. In fact, we are not professional in the traditional sense of the word. Harf feels, breathes and depends on gut feeling, intuition, numbers, and facts to make decisions and react. Its young and revolutionary team in two offices delivers communications strategies that give clients the confidence to lead and act with certainty, earning the trust of their stakeholders.

Since its founding, Harf remained an independent, non-standardised family-run 1992-rooted company. Harf uses its profits to decrease its weaknesses, increase industriousness, provide its employees with opportunities to grow, and revolutionise the Iraqi PR industry. Every day, we strive to live and work by a set of core values: the pursuit of excellence, the freedom to be curious, and the courage to do the right thing. We follow no rules or policies… we are temperamental.

Vision, Values & Mission.

[Pretentious flashy words that no one reads or understands]


The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence: Success is stagnant; once you achieve it, you fail. This is why we are driven by failure. Failure is ever-changing and is like a treacherous ocean that keeps us agile and, on our feet, thinking ahead to avoid it.

Excellence, curiosity, and courage are very much at the heart of what Harf is and drive its continued evolution as a firm. They describe us at our very best and ensure we remain distinctive to our clients and the industry.


Harf /’ħərf/ (v.) (AR: حرف): letter in Arabic. The letter is the simplest form of communications. The first letter in the world was written in Mesopotamia, old Iraq. Harf @ Harf(.) Promotions is today’s accreditation of the first letter. Harf(.) is dotted because it is a ‘verbed sentence.

If you are expecting New York smart, then Harf is not the agency for you. We are Iraqi-smart; we understand the local market enough to be able to adapt international standards and expertise to what the Iraqi target audience needs. Our services are exclusive to people that understand our values and mission, and thus we are very selective when it comes to accepting new accounts.

Our mission remains to provide strategic communications, counselling and programming which enable our clients to build strong relationships across stakeholders, influence attitudes, inform audiences and shape behaviours with the potential to have a positive impact on our society.

  • We integrate specialist knowledge of practices and industries, local market understanding, proprietary research, insights, and industry-leading creativity.
  • We are dedicated to building long-term, rewarding partnerships that add meaningful value to our clients and encourage incremental development in our people.
  • We are committed to championing our select clients, who are seeking new solutions and initiating change.


Souqing /’su:qıŋ/ (n.) (IQ: تسويق): an activity of creating value for brands by curating people’s emotions for fine products and/or professional services; in other words, ‘Souqing’ is marketing in Iraqi & that’s our craft. Souqing is more than a translation or transliteration of Western concepts in marketing. The mentality of war-torn communities can negatively depict gold standards of marketing elsewhere. Harf curates the minds of the Iraqi people with a perfect mix of unique ingredients collected from Basrah’s Ashar creek up to Delal bridge in Zakho. Harfers are a mixed collar co-op team of leaders with a keen interest in creating the impossible. Magic cannot be done without rolling up the sleeves and getting down to work in the field.

Harf Teams are…

  • Honest
  • Dependable
  • Fair
  • Direct
  • Inclusive

Capabilities. αβically

  • Branded Entertainment
  • Business Marketing
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Crisis & Reputation Management
  • Employee Experience
  • Executive Positioning
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Multicultural Communications
  • On Ground Activations
  • Performance Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Public Affairs
  • Social Impact
  • Social Media

We do not tolerate any form of modern slavery, forced labour or human trafficking in any part of our business or supply chain. We are committed to making progress against the United Nations Global Compact’s ten principles.