Know More about Our History, Services, Code of Quality and Business Leverage Opportunities as One of the Leading Iraqi Advertising Agencies to Create Value since 1992.


Check out Our Network of 500+ Prime Spot Billboards throughout Iraq in Addition to Our Exclusivity to Advertise on 4 Major Shopping Malls and Commercial Centers.

We Are Green

Harf Promotions is a fabulously creative & hard-working advertising and development agency based in Baghdad, Iraq with our roots dating back into 1992. We are an authentically tangible team of creative talents who believe in green development and adaptive learning.


The Seven Wonders of Harf Promotions.

1. The Biggest Billboard in Iraq at 900m².
2. The Largest Indoor Screen at 36.68m² in Iraq.
3. The Biggest 3D Acrylic Signage of 88.317m² at the Baron Hotel.
4. The First Double Screen Ad Display in Iraq.
5. The First Translucent Mega Ad Screen in Iraq.
6. The First Iraqi Flash Mob at Mansour Mall in 2013.
7. The First Western-Style Fashion Show in Iraq with Inanna.
We Create Value. You Curate Emotions.