Harf Promotions’ team is striving to create the optimal brands space maker environment with the dogma of optimising a brand image inside the minds of Iraqi people by a perfect mix of special ingredients collected from Basrah’s Ashar creek up to Delal bridge in Zakho.

Harfers are a mixed collar co-op team of leaders with keen interested to create the impossible. Magic canot be done without rolling up the sleeves and getting down to work in field.

Harf /’ħərf/ (v.) (AR: حرف): letter in Arabic. The letter is the simplest form communications. The first letter in the world is in Mesopotamia. Harf @ Harf(.) Promotions is a very that is why it is dotted because it is a sentecne.

The Communications Agency

Harf Promotions is the first Iraqi Communications & Public Relations Agency

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