It’s Time to Be The Center OF The Attention, Hire A Small Public Relations Agency

It is indeed scary to trust any person, friend, or relative with your brand’s reputation, let alone an agency. However, you can’t control or monitor every section of your company alone. Our words might feel biased to you, but that’s only because we know our worth and how much impact we can make. We use science and art in our work to foresee and manipulate the reactions using a number of given facts about the audience. You focus on your products, and PR focuses on your clients. PR evaluates your competition, and lists your benefits, similarities, differences, research, integrated marketing, and customer satisfaction whilst working on relationships and image building, and so on.

1. Communication

Why doesn’t a small PR agency transform into a bigger company, a more prominent one with a big PR name? Because they know that the bigger they become, the more they think only about themselves, which is against their idea of a perfect PR. Small PR agencies know that their worth is in their time and efforts spent on the value they deliver and the people they bring in. They know the small, unnoticeable things that matter, like your birthday, your favourite motto, and many more things that would be ignored by a bigger PR agency that focuses more on what brings more money to their wallet.

2. Money

Small agencies think and act with a cost-conscious mindset as if the money is theirs, rather than their client’s money. Every cent counts, they work and adapt their thoughts according to the provided capacity, keeping their eyes on hours, resources, and details while sticking to deadlines. Since the agency is small, the number of employees is limited. You won’t find 100 people working, so it costs less. ROI is our focus, as well as keeping you in the market with a good reputation.

3. Specialty

There are multiple fields like PR, communications, digital, design, and copywriting. A small PR agency must be capable of understanding all fields, whether they are working with other firms or not. Therefore, you don’t need a big PR company to level up your brand, a small PR agency will get the job done no matter the complexity.

4. Flexibility

Big PR agencies will most likely act as if they know what’s best for your brand, and they probably do in a way, but the way you envision your brand is different, and we get it since we have what most companies lack; humility. Every client needs his work to be approached differently.

5. You are the focal point

Your success is our success. Unlike big PR companies, smaller ones will make you the centre of their attention. Big PR companies do care about your success, but not as much as you would like them to. Why? Because you aren’t their only client, they have 100 more, which is why you can’t leave everything in their hands. You will need to check in every once in a while. Small PR agencies do have more than one client, but not enough to prevent them from giving their full attention and effort to your brand/project.

6. No double-cross

Since big PR agencies have multiple clients, there is a strong possibility that one of those clients is a direct competitor to you. What’s the harm? The big PR agency you hired could probably backstab one of you, depending on the profit they might gain from either of you. The projects they are working on for you and for your competitor will give them the opportunity to work harder on one and make it much better for one of you. However, with small PR agencies, this won’t happen since we give all our efforts to one client, and even if their competitor is our client too, we focus on both with no discrimination because we work based on the following quote “I never ask my clients to judge me on my winners; I ask them to judge me on my losers because I have so few,” said Jordan Belfort.

To sum up, you should consider a PR agency because they know how to reach the people. You should consider a small PR agency because they are able to understand you, your motto, your brand, and your circumstances, from money issues to the inability to understand the market and audience. A small PR agency considers the brand they work with as if it is their own. There is no need to be hesitant about leaving your brand in our safe hands.

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