No Shady Business, Public Relations is the Future of Communication

Have you ever wondered why companies are going back and forth with PR? The most famous way to legally and morally collect data about a group of people has been PR agencies until companies like Facebook and Twitter showed up and started immorally collecting user data from whether the user is using their website or their smartphone application without a clear clarification.

However, recently, Apple company started a new trend that most companies are now following one by one, which is, enabling privacy and disabling social media applications’ access to a device’s camera, mic, and user activities on their own device. Companies like Facebook have taken a big hit since this is what they sell daily (users’ data) to corporates that need data about a select group of people to know how exactly they can sell their ads and products to them or use the data to get a grip on what a group of people thinks of their brand or certain ideas to improve their reputation and products.

This is where public relations agencies come in handy. The following points will demonstrate to you how the relationship between PR and a select group of people works, why PR is a future-proof major, and how PR uses the human touch along with AI to influence the minds of the audience their client wants to target.

1. Public relations transparency:

Why? Because transparency obviously builds a trustworthy and honest brand. People these days tend to care more about the transparency of a company. Tesla, for example, is a very likeable brand because of its leader, Elon Musk, who keeps all his ideas, thoughts, desires, and goals transparent with his fans or his company’s clients on social media.

Elon’s nature of being transparent or open to the world, whether this is his true self or an act, proved to be very smart and catchy behaviour since people appear to be attracted to companies that act friendly and honest with their followers, clients, or fans. Furthermore, statistics proved that consumers are more than 90% more likely to be loyal to a brand that roots transparency into its business model.

PR helps a company become transparent without looking desperate or revealing future business plans. There are many ways, your social media page could post a video containing information such as the used materials or showing durability tests being done on the products. Admitting mistakes when they happen is a very redeeming quality, just like what Samsung did when one of their devices started exploding, they admitted their fault and compensated their clients. Consumers nowadays aren’t like what they used to be in the past. They have very high expectations from all the major brands, which makes you think how tough it is for a small company to satisfy the needs of the new generation.

2. Human touch and AI:

The digital age, robots, and AI. Humans are more excited than ever about evolving technology, but they are less open when it comes to their feelings and interactions if they are with a robot or AI. Studies suggest that most humans are excited about new tech every day but aren’t and won’t be open to the idea of AI and robots existing everywhere. Face-to-face human interaction is still the most natural and productive communication medium.

PR has organized events for companies like CES and they have proved to be very successful. However, when an event is led by machines and displays to either give an explanation of a product, serve customers with food or drinks, or give directions, it is very clear that the event was lifeless and less exciting, with less footfall and less interest in the products. With the current technology, you can depend on AI to create surveys, events, videos, and monitor a page automatically, but they will all prove to be futile because they lack human genuine expressions, interactions, and analysis. PR uses both their minds and effort, along with AI for certain things.

We cannot depend on AI and the algorithm to decide how to interact with a select group of people or to read their minds and understand their desires completely, especially when humans are so diverse and a large percentage of them are introverts. We shouldn’t encourage them to shut in more by depending on technology since science has proven that fewer human interactions equal more psychological disorders and more physical vulnerabilities.

3. Storytelling and social listening:

Digital storytelling includes the brand’s website, email campaigns, social media posts, and newspapers. This requires non-stop content generation according to your budget. As for social listening, a brand is required to spend a couple of hours daily monitoring and listening to the engagements on their posts and their competition’s posts as well. According to data collected from more than 800 PR professionals as well as more than 100 marketers, digital social listening and storytelling will continue to be the factors that pull people in.

Therefore, PR has a future-proof existence because of the value it provides. PR uses AI tools to monitor the engagement of a brand online. PR also uses storytelling in an artistic way to encourage the listeners to imagine as they read, so the brand’s message will be brought to life.

To conclude, what is public relations and why is it the future of communications? It is an agency or a branch of a company that has one main goal: to improve a brand’s relationship with its audience by communicating in lots of ways with both the audience and the brand they are working for. They manage, crisis, reputation, and risks. They also analyze ROI, marketing, audience reactions and interactions, and events. Technology is evolving and trying to replace humans when it comes to monitoring and interacting, but PR agents are using AI tools to their advantage to manage tasks, using tech and their own human touch. Public relations is now a very widely required section in every company, and it will continue to be for a very long time.

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