Public Relation Is Everywhere, You Are Just Oblivious About It

There are almost endless possibilities to encounter PR in daily life, I will discuss a few where I can see the effect that PR does on a daily basis.

Articles from the Press

There are numerous such instances of public relations in daily life. Kitchen sections of major newspapers publish feature items on a variety of themes once a week. For instance, one might read an article about the dangers of salt or the nutritional worth of 2 per cent milk. Both feature pieces have important instructional components and serve as public relations vehicles, even though they are feature stories.

They provide readers or consumers with health information that is immediately valuable to them. A newspaper can bestow considerable benefits on companies and sectors mentioned in articles by disseminating this information to hundreds of thousands of readers. The reader comes to a conscious conclusion after reading the articles.

Television Appearances

A guest appearance on a tv talk show is the best illustration of public relations in action. With nearly 40,000 novels published in the United States each year, editors, literary agencies, and publishers compete fiercely to get their writers on such events. Local shows are popular, but national shows, particularly The Tonight Show, The Today Show, and Donahue, are in high demand.

Why? With such a large viewership, a presence on such a show generates a large number of potential buyers. Following a good appearance on a talk program, book sales often skyrocket. However, once an author appears on one of these shows to discuss her or his book, even if only for a minute or two, he or she has sparked the curiosity of many listeners. Using approaches that are comparable to those used by huge organizations.

Public Relations in Government

Public relations are used by practically every branch of government, not only officials and politicians in the government. How it’s utilized on a state or municipal level isn’t all that different from how it’s used nationally.


Sports are a type of entertainment as well. Sports receive virtually as much coverage in newspapers, periodicals, and television as national politics. Sports teams, on the other hand, are private companies run for the benefit of their owners. This situation necessitates high-level public relations, such as justifying sports players’ massive wages, encouraging participation for winning and losing teams, scheduling player appearances to customize the team’s public image, and organizing special events (such as Boy Scout nights, left-handed-people days, and so on) to keep interest alive when the play on the field is dull.

High school athletics use public relations as well. Ordinary folks are conducting public relations at a very basic level by publishing an announcement about a basketball contest between two local schools.

I can see from these instances that the common people, as well as huge political, film, and sports organizations, may benefit from very sophisticated public relations techniques. You encounter public relations on a daily basis. You aren’t always conscious of it.

I hope you’ll agree that public relations are accessible to everyone after seeing these examples of how the “person next door” has direct access to public relations operations.

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