1- Out-of-Home Advertising

Harf Promotions takes good care of your marketing and advertising campaigns from A to Z to ensure the delivery of your brand reputation to the furthest reachable points through our advertising portals and service bundles. Generally, OOH is represented by static and animated ads through LED panels and Flex PVC-printed billboards and wallscapes, in addition to posters, stickers, signage and building façades. Not to mention our logistic support to provide best available spaces and advertising areas to be reserved monthly or yearly supporting your marketing campaigns. Harf Promotions can also supply you with printing materials for Flex and LED panels or big screens installation, maintenance and/ or programming. We are flexible to work for as big or as small your project would be! Our OOH services at Harf Promotions can include more than the following:
Indoor & Outdoor Billboards (Hoardings), LED Advertising Screens (Digital Billboards), Point of Sale Displays & Brand Shops, Street Furniture (City Light Boxes, Bus Shelters, Kiosks, Telephone Booths, MUPIs …etc.), Posters & Wallscapes, Shopping Malls & Commercial Centres Advertising, Transit Advertising and Wraps (Taxis, Buses, Subways, Trains …etc.), Guerrilla Marketing, Flash Mob Marketing.

  • Shopping Malls & Commercial Centres Advertisement
  • Harf Promotions is engaged in various vital projects in Baghdad and the surrounding governorates. The most valuable of them are actually shopping malls located in very strategic neighborhoods & commercial hubs. We have a professional team of executors with a long-term experience of working in the advertising field, since 1990s. We have successfully signed four contracts so far with four shopping malls. One of them is with Mega Mall (Town Centre). The aforementioned mall is located in al-Mansour neighborhood in Baghdad next to Mansour Mall. It is still under construction and its opening date will be after a few months according to the plan. In this mall, we have specified a location for the biggest billboard in Iraq with an area of 900 sqm. We are looking forward to start advertising on this billboard so soon. It is going to be something unprecedented and peculiar as no advertising company has ever became a media buyer for such a huge billboard. The second contract was with Oasis Mall in al-Jadriya near to Baghdad University. This mall is a center of attraction for university students and high-class citizens that live in this neighborhood. The place in which this mall is located is connecting the two shores of Tigris river that splits Baghdad into Karkh & Rusafa sides. We already placed a huge screen display overlooking the two main streets. The view that this screen will give is very unique and it can be seen miles away.

    The third contract was with Great Mall & Hotel in Najaf key governorate. This mall is considered to be as the biggest mall in Iraq where the biggest indoor screen display with a special design will be placed in the center of the mall. No shopping mall has ever done this so far inside Iraq. This screen display will be so attractive and prestigious with its location and view. We are looking forward to be the pioneering company in the advertising field in al-Najaf governorate as we are proudly the first company that advertises in such a big project in this city.

    The last contract was with BDC Mall of Hilla City in Babylon. It is the first mall to be constructed in this city. So again, we will be the pioneering company to be advertising in such territory of Iraq. The phrase "Cradle of Civilization" had always been a part and parcel of Babylonian heritage. It is the place where the first advanced civilizations had emerged. We are aiming to bring back the reputation of this historical city again by the distinctive techniques that we shall use through our advertising media.

  • Outdoor Billboards (Hoardings) Network
  • We have a large number of outdoor billboards in prime spots around Baghdad, Basra and the other governorates & provinces of Iraq located in various dynamic & high exposure places. We have chosen most of them to give a wide view for the passers-by. This network of outdoor billboards will ensure the process of advertising is going properly, as it connects these various places & products together, the thing that will result in a consistent & periodic exposure to the advertisements all day & night. The higher the traffic passing by the billboard the higher the value of your product in people’s minds. You can rule the market by exposing your brand to the subconscious mind of as much people as the vital & highly dense areas our billboards stand at.

  • Signage & Brand Shops
  • At Harf Promotions, you can find a specialised team working 24/7 to boost up your brand & to advertise your business, offering solutions as PVC flex printing, back-lit & front-lit boards, to optimise the façade of your company’s building to make it look more modern to suit your business. We also do cladding by aluminium composite panels, steel, granite, wood, stone and/or whatever material that might strike your mind that is workable in terms of shop-branding, decoration and reconstruction. Then, we can add 3D opaque or illuminating acrylic letters for more fashionable brand names full of pride ahead of your business doors. Our signage services include the following, alphabetically:
    Acrylic Signs, Alucobond Wrapping, Back-Lit & Front-Lit Sign Boards, CNC Routing, Concept 3D Designing, Digital Sign Board & LED Technology, Flex Printing & Designing Services, In-Shop Branding Services, Laser Cutting, Lighting, Mesh Printing, Metal Letters & Metal Sign Boards, Neon Signs, RGB Colourful Signage, Standees, Sticker Signage Printing.

  • Media Buying
  • At Harf Promotions, we are pretty interested in ads and commercials of your projects and businesses. We consider advertising as a live being… living and dying according to environment and circumstances… This belief makes us nurture ads to the utmost living form of the era where it would be in its utopian environment to better boost your products and services. It is not as important as how much money you spend on advertising and commercials all at once as the importance of choosing which are best tools to use in the best time and place. Your success is not in the amount of cash you spend nor in the number of times your brand name is written throughout marketing and advertising campaigns; instead it is the true value of investment you put in an advertisement that returned back positively on the sales and pay-back image of your products and services. Your business wellbeing is the best indicator to measure the success of a marketing campaign. Development! is the magical key word that we believe in at Harf Promotions! Your advertisement with us means the process of choosing Harf to develop your business both theoretically and practically in a systematic creative and professional way.

    Advertising with us includes many aspects that can be shortlisted in the following complementary suite to achieve your commercial goals and mission through outdoor fixed and animated commercials/ ads through PVC-printed (flex) and LED screens. Advertisements also include indoor ads in shops, bazaars, malls and markets. In addition to internet ads throughout the web including social media hubs, search engines and other high-traffic websites, not to mention printable paper or non-paper ads. Leave the magic to the magician and wonder what more magical in Iraq than Harf Promotions?!

  • Graphic and 3D Designing
  • Harf Promotions team believes that beautiful designs are the basis for an exquisite class of branding in addition to the delicate sense of art that prevails during all stages of advertising campaigns to sustain and support the business in the market whether in Iraq or elsewhere abroad. Harf Promotions has a specialized team of technicians, academics, engineers, creative staff and artists all working in the field of designing to ensure the best-value solutions for your brand to fulfil your promotional needs whether to create a new logo, signs, ads, promos, printables, digital works, paintings, in addition to web designing and magazines.

    We also offer 3D designing services which shall help you preview and prepare your decor, construction, cartoons, virtual video productions, promotional videos, TV ads in addition to animation videos. Fill in the spots and get every eye gazed to capture your brad name all around the corners of Baghdad and other provinces of Iraq.

2- Marketing Campaigns

Harf Promotions presents the perfect set of services in the field of advertisement and promotions in Iraq. An agency led by open-minded young talents along with well-experienced mature professional team all dedicated to achieving perfection at your promotive and advertising goals. We inspire our clients by taking marvellous seeds of an idea, cherishing & nurturing it to create the strong brand among the best of its genre in the Iraqi market. With an outstanding team of capabilities & elementary loyal business essence, we accompany our clients along the seemingly-hard-but-truly-easy way, leading them to success!

Harf Promotions agency can help you start, develop and/or optimise your business; from designing the logo, printing brochures, folded leaflets & business cards to creating and leading huge-impact advertising campaigns all over Iraq. We have an experienced team constantly doing market research analysis & surveys to help you narrow your target audience group in Iraq.

  • Marketing Solutions
  • Direct Marketing

    Harf Promotions agency has teams of young talents having sweepingly enormous passion in marketing and promotion in addition to their skills that were acquired through professional training all proving their hard work in advertising field to implement general and specialized marketing campaigns as the team includes commercial, media and technical marketing delegates who believe in the true meaning of ‘teamwork’ according to their full-blown expertise of work in marketing channels and marketing requests whether it is B2B, B2C or B2G. Our scope of services includes the following:

    • Strategic Campaign Development
    • Target-Audience Identification, Segmentation, and Data Acquisition
    • Complete Direct Response Agency Services
    • Data Processing
    • Response Analysis, Tracking, and Modelling
    • Leads Generation

    Digital Marketing

    We believe in digital marketing and see the future lies in the digital advertising as we all know that global corporations like Google has been implanting high-end technologies to boost the brands awareness through successful E-marketing solutions. We know Iraq is very primitive market when it comes to digital solutions and e-marketing; thus, we are working harder to be pioneers in this aspect as we have another word when to comes to our vision in this field. Harf Promotions is planning for some of the most awesome ventures in e-marketing, expect to see the results and feel the impact soon. E-marketing & digital marketing solutions are included in the following services:

    • Web and Program Development and Improvement
    • Online Presence Surveillance and Traffic Amelioration through Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
    • Online Advertising and Marketing Campaigns
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) & Marketing (SEM)
    • Responsive Design
    • E-Mail Mass Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Database Management
    • SMS & MMS Marketing
  • Video Productions
  • Apart from our works that correlate with billboards or screen displays, we have partnered with a professional team that specializes in video production. This team is ready to produce different kinds of videos for your advertisement, like usual real-life videos, animation, and/or 3D & 2D graphics. They can include & conclude any kind of information along the video plot and details to make the general perspective of your advertisement easy to digest. They are also ready to edit your advertisement in a way that it can cope with the social values of the Iraqi community avoiding any kind of troubles that may emerge unexpectedly due to any harnessing to social, religious and ethical norms in Iraq and the region.

  • Public Relations & Media Broadcasting
  • Harf Promotions agency takes good care as to become a media agency that believes in neutrality and equity in dealing with various companies & institutions in different sectors of the Iraqi business & non-business market. We have built connection channels of sustained relations with different institutions from a dynamic viewpoint for special outlines of cooperation in a vast array of fields with all of our partners, clients and associates both locally in Iraq and abroad. Harf Promotions is responsible for managing this lively aspect of your business for better services’ and products’ exposure to be offered by your company for the best achievable prospect in the future.

    Media Solutions:

    One of the most significant change factors in recent times especially in the twentieth century was the fourth estate, the media, and its way to present ideas, issues and matters from a point that can motivate people both nationally and internationally. Media has become the primary means of promotion and a strategic target for brand names and start-ups all over the world trying to acquire positive unconditional promotional stance and good reputable media image. Small and big screens in addition to the radio have become a very common marketing channels for some services and products. Our other services at Harf Promotions include also providing and editing media speeches, press releases, proofreading, copywriting in addition to media consultations which shall reserves the best potential in media marketing.

    SNG and DBS Services:

    Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) refers to satellite television (TV) systems in which the subscribers, or end users, receive signals directly from geostationary satellites. Signals are broadcasted in digital format at microwave frequencies. DBS is the descendant of direct-to-home (DTH) satellite services.

    Satellite news gathering (SNG) is the use of mobile communications equipment for the purpose of worldwide news-casting. Mobile units are usually vans equipped with advanced, two-way audio and video transmitters and receivers, using dish antennas that can be aimed at geostationary satellites.

    Harf Promotions’ SNG and DBS services take good care of your media and satellite broadcasting aims to the ultimate. Even if you are not familiar with these technologies, you can simply tell us about your needs and voila!

  • Research and Study
  • Feasibility Studies:

    Harf Promotions studies the business market through a specialised team of academics and field researchers doing their best to execute more accurate analysis studies to reach factual solutions to help institutions develop and present best products and services in the market of Iraq. A feasibility study is considered the main core of study to start a project and it is essentially important for entrepreneurs & business professionals alike.

    We can conclude the demand for a specific product by studying the market, by studying the demand we can estimate the production rate of a product in a project by calculation, thus, we can modify technology and productivity means in addition to project size and all of its technical aspects to pursue the desired market effect.

    Determination of production and sales plans which stand as the core for financial and economic analyses in addition to the fact that it is a virtue for all aspects of the project that we can use to incur the profitability and the final turnover of the project in terms of Iraqi finance, economy and society.

    • Qualitative Study: collecting, analysing and interpreting data that cannot be interpreted in terms of quantity i.e. such data that is used to enrich the researchers with general overview, ideas and features in trial to understand the main clause in terms of finding a theoretical approach that would be available to experiment later on using quantitative study techniques.
    • Quantitative Study: It is the use of larger samples of study or the use of very specific parameters to incur more definite results and that is why the logical status of such studies lies in conclusive studies and critical decision making.

    In that manner, we can consider the qualitative study as an essential irreplaceable step in commencement to execute the quantitative study for the fact that qualitative studies enrich the researchers about the general outline and theories that can be built as a framework for quantitative studies.

    Market Research:

    Studying the market and categorising it economically, socially, religiously, politically and educationally in addition to supplying information through databases and dynamic surveys that were built on concrete innovative studies with a constant search for updates and development according to the Iraqi market and fields of business or according to business-specific needs. Studies can be a one-time project, weekly, monthly, yearly or according to requirements of the client to ensure updated information. Harf Promotions also offers total analytic studies for market research with the ability to present data in various forms as digital or paper-printed databases, studies or graphic presentations.

    Surveys and Data Analyses:

    Surveying is vital for institutional work in addition to building specialised databases for several subjects. We like to do a lot of surveying at Harf Promotions for we know how important this would be in the Iraqi marketing research. We aim to be pioneers in this critical field.

    1. Surveying ensures frank and free responses in a way that the participant shall send their response through any anonymous methodology and we would take special consideration to go for double and triple blind assessment to ensure subjectivity, sincerity and openness of the study.
    2. Questions shall be unified for all participants; therefore, it could be easily interpreted and understood without bias.
    3. Participants can choose the perfect timing for answering and responding as they will be prepared psychologically and mentally to respond to the call of surveying.
    4. Surveys make it easier for the researcher to collect much information from several sources simultaneously.
    5. Surveying is cheaper than other types of research studies in terms of design and information allocation as other types might need more effort and costs via many means as transportation fees for example.
  • Consultation & Training
  • We have a specialised consultancy team in various fields (executive, financial, technical, legal, and security affairs) where we categorise consultation according to needs which include suggestions that are provided by our consultancy team at Harf Promotions in harmony with client’s needs and field of work. Harf Promotions’ main consultancy axes are:

    1. Providing consultation in public policies, general procedures and rules of work for institutions.
    2. Building and developing administrative frameworks for institutions.
    3. Operational, tactical and strategic planning for institutions in accordance to their needs.
    4. Providing consultation for allocation and allotment of resources by virtue of priority and importance of labelled goals.
    5. Consultation to adopt best workflow procedures and execution methodologies to achieve the desired institutional goals.
    6. Capacity building that includes skills development.


    At Harf Promotions Agency, we believe in training’s function as a principal continuous management process and one of the necessities of modern administration techniques in various constitutions. As we all know that academic and practical advancement is consistent and everlasting; we also believe that one of our main goals at Harf Promotions is to discover every novelty in the administrative field. New approaches in computer programming, information systems and data analysis, in addition to management processes and development research, modernization, administrative development research, and behavioural skills have been all developing throughout the past decades. Type of manpower training has changed a lot nowadays than before in terms of quantity and quality in a way that requires more updated training skills and a more consistent style of capacity building for various goals and content themes.

3- Logistics & Procurement

Throughout Harf Promotions’ projects, client satisfaction was, is and will be our main aim and goal as it is one of the means to fulfil the vision we believe to implement; a policy to provide full & simple solutions set to develop your business. We also take good care to develop our company and to ameliorate our services in the same way we care to develop the businesses of our customers and clients. That includes offering full-service packages for whatever project we sign a contract with as a supplier, marketer, consultant, and/or a developer. We offer various equipment, machinery, printables, food, catering, security, trading, safety and consultancy services. We make all keys of success available for the complementary work and the shared goal between us and our clients to make Harf Promotions agency truly the best portal for full logistical support in Iraq and the middle east soon.

  • Decoration & Construction
  • Harf Promotions is not only designing and inspiring exhibition stands, we do them! By the mastery and dedication of our highly-trained team which is specialised to work with the available materials in the Iraqi & regional markets, we implement the design and carry on the ideas into effect. Our teams use only high-quality raw materials in this field with distinct dedication & determination of our team in addition to the fact that super precision is evident by paying attention to smallest details to deliver the perfect satisfaction & finely curated results for all of our clients and customers. That is what makes Harf Promotions unique in Iraq.

  • Exhibition Stands & Event Management
  • One of the most pivotal points in our corporate dealings and business is our trust to create the most valuable exhibition stands and corporate events for our clients and customers. We believe in the positivity reflected from such props and brand catering to boost the reputation of your decent products and/or services. Our vision for events in Harf Promotions is this: fairs and exhibitions are the complementary essential cornerstones for full-pack promotional series to reflect the concrete added value for you dealing with us creating the proper caring environment for your name. Events include many services and bundles to work out the best assets of your brand at multi-level aspects and on bigger scales all aiming to support your brand through an essential part of marketing & advertising. Harf Promotions services could be concluded in the following list:
    Agenda, Surveys & Meeting Materials, AV Management (Sound, Light, Video, Broadcasting, Online Streaming), Budget Creation & Management, Communications, Décor & Props, Entertainment Booking, Equipment & Logistics, Event Evaluation, Event Registration, First Aid Services, Food & Beverage Planning, Health & Safety, Hotel Contract Negotiation, Internet Coverage and Service Bundles, Marketing Materials, Off-Site Program Management, On-Site Event Management, Photography & Video, Press Releases, Printing & Mailing, Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts, Scheduling, Security & VIP Handling ,Signage, Site Survey, Staging & Production, Themed Events

    Is there any way to include most forms of advertising, commercials, promotion, marketing, public relations, and media other than events, fairs and exhibitions?! Harf Promotions ensures artistic and creative protocols to display your services and products in a very trendy and fashionable great-looking manner at your exhibition stand to help increase your leads and enhance your pipeline in your field of business, to ensure success for your brand name and superiority in the Iraqi market. We have partnerships with most events held in Iraq for the process of registration in national and international fairs. We do some fairs ourselves too! Stay tuned with Harf Promotions!

  • Supply Chain, Trading
  • Harf promotions had been working as an advertising supply chain company before its rise as an advertising company. It started this work at the beginning of 90's. It was providing almost all kinds of advertising-related materials and promotional products including, but not limited to, small and large screen displays, acrylic material, opaque plastic, MDF and PVC panels, aluminium composite panels and decoration raw materials. This experience has given us the superiority among other competitor advertising companies that specialize only in advertisement field and encouraged us to give our best to the client since we have an experience in creating the advertisement, not only have it as a concept.

  • Decoration & Construction
  • Harf Promotions is not only designing and inspiring exhibition stands, we do them! By the mastery and dedication of our highly-trained team which is specialised to work with the available materials in the Iraqi & regional markets, we implement the design and carry on the ideas into effect. Our teams use only high-quality raw materials in this field with distinct dedication & determination of our team in addition to the fact that super precision is evident by paying attention to smallest details to deliver the perfect satisfaction & finely curated results for all of our clients and customers. That is what makes Harf Promotions unique in Iraq.

  • Printing Solutions
  • Harf Promotions pledges to offer you the whole set of printing solutions for products, trademarks and promotional campaigns through modern advanced technologies and fine-quality finishing for the efficient productivity of work. Harf Promotions is always set to undertake both entrepreneurial and big scale projects, governmental and non-governmental institutions, private and public sectors to make full printing solutions pack available for everyone all over Iraq and sometimes outside Iraq in partnership with our agents in several parts of the world.

    Harf Promotions agency has a full pack of wondrous unparalleled solutions when it comes to furnishing your business with printables that can be distributed and allocated in the best manner for a sensible promotional efficiency. We are making your name a powerful brand as we believe in your aims for successful and remarkable projects. Harf Promotions ‘printworks’ services include providing, distributing and marketing promotional products through strategic weekly, monthly and yearly plans.

  • Promotional Products
  • Important tools for all institutions to express their entity among different rivals and competitors in the Iraqi market. They give powerful messages of expressionism as to show the global vision of your company locally and to comply with a full set of branding and rebranding entities for a stance in the global market. Examples could include pens, notebooks. files, folders, envelopes, T-shirts, clothing and other on-desk promotional products that could be either engraved, stamped, or printed with your own logo brand. Such manoeuvres are a source of the sustainable authoritative positive trait to be added to your brand name for higher rates of successful business negotiations and business contracts at your offices across Iraq or abroad.